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CQ takes the workplace into the future, as flexible as it is sustainable.

System Smarts

An intelligent Building Services Network (BSN) System is the watchful eye, monitoring the performance of the building and its facilities to simplify control, reporting and therefore optimisation, to deliver the most efficient environment possible. From responsive lighting systems and heating, air conditioning and air quality optimisation, to security, lift control and safety monitoring, CQ has been built with an intelligent, sustainability-driven infrastructure for the modern workplace.
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With flexible floorplates, CQ can adapt to the individual needs of organisations to ensure you get what you need from the building, putting you in control of your space and enabling your workplace to be as dynamic as its people.

Flexibility is accentuated with the onsite Business Centre providing well-appointed meeting rooms, conference and technology facilities, which are all bookable with the click of a button through our advanced online system in our Portal, so when you need extra space, CQ’s got you covered.

Smart from the basement up

CQ’s clever design is present on every level from its basement up, where it hosts electric vehicle charging stations, bike storage and even a repair station so everyone can keep moving.

The smart services continue with the Concierge service on the Ground floor as your helping hand to ensure staff and guests are looked after throughout the day, from deliveries and visitor management, to dry-cleaning and technology assistance.

Plus with five destination-controlled lifts, capacity is improved and wait times are reduced.

Taking security seriously

At CQ, the safety of your staff and business is paramount. Our highly advanced security systems include electronic access control and CCTV central monitoring of the building perimeter, public areas, car park and lifts. Thanks to our adoption of the Wiegand security communications protocol, tenants can integrate their own dedicated security system with CQ’s for emergency notifications, as well as interfacing with the lighting control system for enhanced CCTV performance and increased personal safety.

Security features:

  • Electronic access control and CCTV
  • Monitoring of the building perimeter and lifts
  • Wiegand security communications protocol
  • Security of services with backup power